Eager and Hungry for Opportunity

My name is David Loder and from what you can tell I am working to be a Web Developer. I come from a small town of Linwood, NJ and I grew up building homes with my dad in my youth. So now with that same mentality, I want to not only build killer websites and applications but also build my portfolio and become more than what I am now.

This passion and development begun when I moved from South Jersey to Philadelphia, my uncle invited me to change my career and residence for my own pursuit of happiness. I worked in management of a local restaurant and couldn’t handle the stress of the position, it wasn’t for me. I had a skill with technology and helping work with computers, which made me an asset in my previous employment and which lead me to know that I’m good with programming and support.

So when we pull closer to today, I got into web development as my uncle again reached out and offered some insight where the other potential job market would be and what I should work on. So currently everyday I work with expanding my skillset with front-end fundamentals. This includes HTML5, CSS for design and layouts, but I mostly work with JavaScript and eagerly look to work with other languages like Ruby, Swift, or Python.

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