David Loder

(609) 402-1410

My Objective

I am seeking an entry-level position as a Web Developer. I want to expand my skills and gain experience in an company that requires web applications and continue to contribute to its infrastructure.


While I do not have work experience in this field, I believe my skill set, inquisitive nature, interest in technology, and drive will help prepare me for your Web Developer position. My current position requires me to further develop my critical thinking skills in order to solve problems. In one instance, after observing errors in our workflow, I designed and built a system using dynamic spreadsheets and forms to streamline and digitize the inventory and return process for our production team. This enabled them to more efficiently perform their tasks and accurately compile records. I am also continuing to learn more about HTML and JavaScript with the help of online courses by ​​Tree House​​.


  • Highly organized with attention to detail
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Basic understanding of PHP
  • Proficient in Bootstrap 4 frameworks
  • Knowledgeable with AWS Web Services
  • Excellent interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills​.
  • Ability to plan, schedule, prioritize projects and be an active problem solver.
  • Analytical mindset with a dynamic approach to solving problems.
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